Departments Of Employment

The Director of Employment , Education & Training Individual Grants Section, Research Branch, PO BOX 9880, Caberra A.C.T.

Candidates on any nationality holding a Ph.D. or equivalent qualification and
a) A written agreement of the purposed institution to host the project.
b) At least 2 years post-doctoral experience at the time of application & excellent academic record a written agreement of the proposed institution to host the projects institution to host project an evidence or innovative research.
c) International recognition as leader in research 3 to 6 years post-doctoral research experience preferably at an institution other than where the Ph.D. was obtained (a) & (b) preference will be given to Australia citizens.
d) Awards on merit to suitably qualified persons, irrespective of nationality.

Other Information
Value of Scholarships :
a) Salary $36,285 to $ 38,950 research supports grants $3,500.
b) Salary $41,000 to $48,688 research support grants $5,500.
c) $50,255 to $77,900 .
d) Salary $44,075 to $48,688 research supports grants $10,500.

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