Dumberton Oaks Trustees for Harvard University

The Assistance Director, Dumberton Oaks Trustees for Harvard University, 1703 22nd street N.W. Washington DC 20007.

Qualified students ( of any nationality) of History Archeology, History of Arts, Philosophy, Technology & other disciplines (a) with Ph.D. or equivalent who wish to pursue research in the fields mentioned or (b) who wish to write their Doctoral dissertation on a subject in the field’s mentioned. (c) Scholars on any level of advancement in the fields mentioned. (d) Candidates in last year of undergraduate education or having a B.A. & having completed at least one year or Greek by the end of the senior year normally restricted to candidates enrolled in United States or Canadian Universities or Colleges, must be applicants to graduate school in any field or area of Byzantine studies.

Application details
Probable Date of Application : 1 November.

Other Information
Value of Fellowship : (a) As per rank or seniority up to $18,000 besides furnished accommodation & allowances for dependent spouse & children accompanying fellowship & also research expense account (b) Up to $14,000 other details same as mentioned under. (c) $150 per week & housing facility. (d) Up to $28,000 p.a. & travel during summer in addition to graduate school tuition.

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