Hardware and software design questions

Hardware and software design questions

Asked by a famous microprocessor manufacturer.
What is Finite Automata

What is a Turing machine?

How many processors are there in a pentium microprocessor? In Sparc?

Difference between RISC and CISC

Is RISC always fast?

What is a real time system?

Name some real time OSs.

Is DOS a real time OS?

What is a kernel,shell?

What is binary search, traversal, hashing?

Write a code to count the no. of 1s in a binary representation of a number.

Memory taken for char *, int * etc.

char *cp;
int *ip;

What is the result?
Compare the no. of bytes in unix and Dos for long, char, short, int.

How do you make programs portable on unix and Dos under such circumstances?

In C++, what is a constructor, destructor?

What is friend?

What is waterfall model, prototype model?

What is testing? What is unit testing, integration testing, etc?

What is indexing when talking about databases?

What is atomicity?

Can recursive programs be written in C++, Write a recursive program to calculate factorial in C++.

What is best data structure to store the processes info in a real time operating system?

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