Computer architecture and design interview questions

Computer architecture and design interview questions

What is pipelining?

What are the five stages in a DLX pipeline?

For a pipeline with n stages, whats the ideal throughput? What prevents us from achieving this ideal throughput?

What are the different hazards? How do you avoid them?

Instead of just 5-8 pipe stages why not have, say, a pipeline with 50 pipe stages?

What are Branch Prediction and Branch Target Buffers?

How do you handle precise exceptions or interrupts?

What is a cache?

Whats the difference between Write-Through and Write-Back Caches? Explain advantages and disadvantages of each.

Cache Size is 64KB, Block size is 32B and the cache is Two-Way Set Associative. For a 32-bit physical address, give the division between Block Offset, Index and Tag.

What is Virtual Memory?

What is Cache Coherency?

What is MESI?

What is a Snooping cache?

What are the components in a Microprocessor?

What is ACBF(Hex) divided by 16?

Convert 65(Hex) to Binary

Convert a number to its twos compliment and back

The CPU is busy but you want to stop and do some other task. How do you do it?

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