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The changing styles of clothes has given impetus and upsurge to the Indian textile and fashion industry. Indiaís heritage in exotic fabric design, costumes and handicrafts has significantly added to the existing potential for a more creative approach to growth in this field. At present the ration of designers in India is still small with a tremendous potential for growth.

Fashion designing is seen as a glamorous profession by most young people. The glamour is skin deep as this profession needs an intense desire to create and a drive for perfection. While perfect drawing skills may not be essential, but, if you donít know how to draw, if you are not able to sketch designs out on paper, you may have to forget about fashion designing. There is no need to be a genius at art, but you must be able to sketch things out clearly and precisely, to show a design to your pattern cutter. Figures and descriptive text on pieces of paper may not be needed, but you will need to sketch your design with the colours you want for the final design. You will have to do that for the client to be, show him the design youíre trying to sell.

Graduation with minimum 50% marks (45% for SC/ST) or Diploma in FD/AD from NIFT fashion, fead all you can get on it-the history and the story of its evolution. The work of famous designers and their distinctive styles. Read fashion magazines you can lay your hands on and study the prevalent trends in design. As a designer, you will have to be familiar with all that. Remember successful and dedicated designers have to live and breathe fashion.

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